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Overview (English)
소개 Overview (English)

KAIST Laboratory Animal Resource Center

Over the past half-century, bioscience research has produced significant developments in fundamental areas, including disease research involving human subjects. The scope of research has greatly expanded, opening up possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

The KAIST Laboratory Animal Resource Center provides ethical, systematic management and professional technical support for animal experiments. By providing the best infrastructure for animal experiments, we not only support researchers in generating meaningful outcomes but also accelerate advancements in medical science research. It expects to play a key role in the development of the local community and enhance national competitiveness in S&T(Science and Technology) through partnerships with various related institutes and businesses.

Support for Various Areas of Research Stable Operation of Laboratory animal Facilities
  • Technical support for animal experiments
  • Production and management of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs)
  • Mouse cryopreservation
  • Education and training for researchers
  • Operation and management of shared equipment used in animal experiments
  • Operation/management of animal facilities and equipment
  • Operations based on systematic management system
  • Professional veterinary management of laboratory animal
  • Prevention of infection in laboratory animal through microbiological monitoring